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Apr 29, 2006
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Got my first 08 calf today. 8) More to come real soon. But the weather is getting bad :shock: REAL BAD :help: SO gonna spend the night at the ranch. It's going to be a lot of work. 20 to 30 below with strong wind. Oh well got me the shack, lots of firewood, deep freeze full of food :banana: Me and the pups will be fine. :cowboy:
I had 3 new ones this moruning . It was not very cold last night but rained hard the litte fellers was up and sucking so they will be fine. You live way to cold for me. Good luck with them.
Hold on to your hat there mnmt! :hat: It's like the calm before the storm here right now. Heard this crap is supposed to last until about Tues or Wed. Geez, will it ever end? Best of luck and stay warm. :D
Your wife just emailed me and wanted me to tell you to dust those dang antlers off while you were up there. Also, when you come home don't forget to pick up some eggs and a loaf of bread and don't forget to do the dishes before you go to bed. ;-) :lol2:
dun":31nl3hqc said:
MistyMorning":31nl3hqc said:
Geez, will it ever end?

Somebody needs to shoot the groundhog!

dun, I'd be more than happy to give that a go, except you may want to find a better shot than me...last time I shot a varmit I put a hole in the shop vac too! :oops: My hunting nickname is click, imagine that! :lol2:
Hey mnmt!!! How exciting for you! The wind is really blowing here in Mn tonight. I am glad you are able to be there for them. Good luck and stay warm! As far as ground hog, I've never shot anything meaner than a beer can :cowboy:
heres hoping you have a great calving season.most of the cows will prolly calve while its real stay warn while your out with them.
Hope it warms up soon. We don't start for another couple of weeks, then the late nights start.

Misty my nickname is Killer. Might be because I love hunting.
One of mine went down after calving. Couldn't find CMPK anywhere locally. Finally found some on-line. Been pasting her with alternatives and it gets her up. Its been a while since I have been through this.
Had a good 24 hrs at the ranch. :D Stayed very warm and comfy. :cowboy: Except for when I had to go outside. :help: Cows held off real well :shock: I don't think my luck will hold off tonight. :cry2: Gonna be REAL COLD! 25-30 below and ****ing wind. :oops: Called the Boss at about 3pm said I was going to check in, give an update. It's NICE to have a good Boss 8) She had a nice supper and and kindness. :heart: So I'm off for another night at the shack.
Well Dun I think it started when I was a kid and all I could think of was hunting with my Dad. He started the nickname.
Too bad the dept. of motor vehicles wouldn't let me put it on my plates.

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