calving time!

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Feb 2, 2007
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West Central, Minnesota
We had just gotten done with a week of flawless, no-trouble calves. Looking forward to a flawless calving season (yeah...right...) And then this week we had the weirdest bunch of things happen to our calves and calvers.

A little simmental calf was born in what we call the "mud pit" (a little 3x5ft mud hole at the corner of a big pasture..the only mud we have) We found her, 'swimmin' in the mud,tryin to get out. Momma cow was full of mud from her nose to her shoulders, knee deep and diggin the calf out. My dad pulled the calf out of the mud, brough it up to an empthy pen, and we washed her off with warm watter. Both were pretty tired, but Momma was an old show heifer, so we tired her up and the calf nursed. (both just wanted to lay down) All is good now, they are out with the other cows, back in the pasture.

The next one...I wasnt there to witness it, (it was 2 am, on a school night) so I dont really know what happened. Anyway, a shorthorn first-calf heifer was due to calve. We were planning on weaning off her calf, and then selling both. (she is not very good quality) She was having trouble calving, so they loaded her up and drove the 1 hour drive to our vet. He cut her open, and did a C-section. Somewhere in that time, the calf broke her leg. So we now have our first C-section cow, and a calf with a big ol' blue cast on her leg(front right leg). Calf gets around fine. She learned quickly to use it to her advantage when getting up. Running was a different story, but some how, she does it, and keeps up with our 'normal' calves.
I will try to post pictures of them.

There is more, just not as abnormal.

Everything was scary at the moment, and yes, we wish that it didnt happen, but it keeps calving time interesting. Just goes to show, you never know what to expect.
Each day brings new challenges we couldn't dream up if we tried.
we too have had our share...
calf born real sick, spent a week nursing it back, only to take a turn for the worst. quick rush to the vets...heart choice...
Now we have a gentle cow who would stand for free had milking that has no calf cause it had the heart murmur. So we decide to put a twin on her. She let the twin suck in the mat pen. But because late in the evening we separtated the twin and the cow with a pannel, put their food and water real close like. Came out in the morning to see the cow laying down. Looked like she had bent yet another pannel. Tried to get her up only to find she broke her leg...ground beef anyone?
And i stand corrected we had a cow :(

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