Calving season finally over

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Apr 7, 2009
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We just had our last calf of the season, yay! Overall, it's been a so-so year. We lost 10 calves, I guess we were making up from last year because we didn't lose anything.

Last night, we had a 12 month old heifer drop a calf. Major oops. The heifers were all given lutalyse(sp?) when they were weaned, so I don't know how she ended up having one. The heifer must have started calving sometime after chores were done. When dad got up to feed this morning, the heifer had the head and one leg out. The calf was dead. We couldn't get the other leg out and couldn't push the head back in, so we ended up cutting the calf's head off to get the body out. The worse part was she could have had it by herself, it only weighed around 70lbs. We also lost one due to dehydration from scours. We even IV'd it, but she was too far gone. Had some cows deliver dead calves too.

The good things this calving season, we have a lot of great looking calves, and as of right now 40 bulls still intact and 50 purebred heifers likely to make the cut. I'll hopefully get some pictures up soon, but those little suckers are hard to photograph. They like to follow the dogs around when you go out there, and the stupid donkey wants to be in the pictures all the time.
Giving lutalyse alone will not always cause the heifer to abort. We give dexamethasone along with the lutalyse and that will take care of any pregnancies regardless of stage of gestation.
twistedxranch":7jq8e7xs said:
Congrats on it being over with. I think if I ever lost that many calves I would just sell out as the financial loss would be to great. I would have my herd tested. That many cows delivering dead calves means something is a miss.
Out of 300 head, I'm not too upset. Not all were delivered dead. There were only two. The other ones were weird things that we hadn't had in a long time.
that is a 3% death loss, out of 30 cows that would be 1 dead calf, or 1.5 calves out of 50. 97% calf crop is not bad at all.