calving season done

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Apr 28, 2005
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just finished the calving season for the reg beefmasters.ended the season with 5 bull calves for 83.3% 1 heifer for 16.7%.cant grow the herd having all bulls.but all calves are healthy.wonder if i dont need to get a new bull so i can have some heifers.
Congrats BB. Healthy bulls calves are better that sickly ones or no calves at all.

I always average more heifers than bull calves, except on the ones I really really want a heifer out of.

Here is to your 2010 calf crop may you have more heifers than bulls.. :tiphat:
HD i hope i get more heifers in 2010.but ive got 2 cows thats had 3 bulls in a 1 thats had 2 bulls in a row.bull calves mean money in the pocket.guess id better start looking for 2 or 3 cows to buy.
We're still calving. I had a lot of heifers that have been dropping them lately. Three so far this month. Several more to go!