Calving 2024

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Oh Lordy, I can't imagine finding that. I can't even think what could have happened?? Torn uterus? bled out?? Obviously, you pulled the calf out. Nothing apparent?? No major blood??
Heart, clot, something like that for such a sudden death. No visable bleeding or something visable, which would show the cause of death. 9 years old, always been in great health. Would have never thought about such possibility. Calf was minutes away from being born and that's the saddest part.
Calving number 11 happened yesterday. Mature cow calving, 276 days gestation, incalf to piedmontese, proven calver, never had to assist, so thought that everything will go well this time. It was going well at first. Saw first bag, moved her to the shed and left her to settle down and do her business. Checked her once, saw the bag of the calf showing, left for 30min. She should have been calved down for her second check. However, what I found was far away from what I have expected or would have ever thought. Cow was laying down dead. Calf still inside, feet were just touching pelvis... Calf was dead as well.
For the general info of the calf: bull calf, 99lbs.
Next cows due on the 22nd and 23rd. That's going to be a stressfull season it seems...
It seems to be a year for problems many places. I lost my nurse cow when the 2 calves were 3 weeks old... have had a couple of steers get respiratory/pneumonia problems and lost them. Had one start to bloat, and would bloat one day, go down another day, but more bloated than not; had vet look him over and stuck a tube down to relieve it... lost him 2 weeks later. Heifer had a dead calf in that single digit weather, and so did another older experienced cow. Found a cow with a 3 month old calf dead yesterday, so calf got moved up to the small barn/shed, so it will learn to eat grain and hay, where I am raising several bottle calves...2 sets of twins from a dairy farm I milk test, and weaning off the 2 from the nurse cow now.
Several members on here, @Jeanne - Simme Valley have had freakish bad times too...

Sorry for your losses also. Us farmers just take a deep breath and keep on trying.
Hoping for better future. So far it wasn't easy, but that's how it is sometimes. Next cows due on the 22nd and 23rd. Hopefully everything goes well with them. Sold elder cow, which layed down on her calf, last week. 13 years old, 50% angus, 25% salers, 25% dairy, 1609lbs. Expected her to be abit lighter. Have sold two first calvers in December as well. Couldn't get them incalf. One weighed 1852lbs, another weighed 1500lbs. Feeling really sorry about those two as well. There was the third one, which was causing trouble aftet her abortion, but with synch managed to get her incalf.

On to the better notes, pure lim calf is growing well. One month and two days old in the photos. Other calves are growing well as well. Done some preg checking, found that some, which I expected to be empty are actually pregnant so that's really good news.

Many people are having issues with empty cows after last year. One friend, which raises mainly pure angus, started seeing many June-July calved heifers/cows coming back into heat now. Cows were kept with two bulls- angus and lim, in separate herds. Doing some AI for them now, while bulls are resting.
How many dollars are cows bringing over there @lithuanian farmer

1800lb heifer ought to be worth some real money
Got around 1750USD for her, around 1450USD for the old cow. No difference in price if it's a cow already or older than three years. It's around 3,66USD/kg carcass weight for a normal beef cow at the moment. It used to be around 4,70USD/kg a year ago.
#2 became the second to calve as well 😅
Slightly messed up with the due date. Real due date was 26th, so 287days gestation. Sired by culard charolais, bull calf. Not more 100lbs.

Cow #3 might be calving tonight or tomorrow. Same gestation as this one, same bull used. Had her calf last year by the same bull at 287 days as well.