Calving 2024

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Probably never mentioned, but we had a calf injure it's leg in spring. The injury got infected quickly and it caused the leg to loose part of it's hoof. Been treating it for almost two months now. Here is some progress made.
Perfect character calf. Can treat her in the field without any issues. No struggling or fighting.
How warm is it over there? It's hot enough here that people are losing their pastures, and some places don't have any rain coming.

What's your weather like? Do you have any concerns for the newborns or is it not that hot?
It's hot here as well. Got some rain thought, so not tragic. Curently having temps around 77-95°F, which is hot for us. Without rain would have a drought for sure. Some regions aren't as lucky with the rain like us. Even 10 miles away is much more dry than here.
Newborns are doing fine. However having some concern about black coloured older calves. They are feeling the heat.

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