calves dieing at 1 to 2 days old ,

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i would like some help for a freind he,s had 10 beef calves and 9 out of 10 have died , this guy is a retired dairy farmer so he knows cattle . the calves are not getting up and are dieing in 1 to 2 days . vet said they have a enlarged lymp node in the large intestines .
didnt vet say what caused it? inbreed bulls can throw dummy calves with genitic problems.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tc
Friend is a "retired dairy farmer...and knows cattle..." Then if he "knows" cattle why have 9 out of 10 died???

Sounds like he has a very serious problem at his place! Wrong type/age of females; wrong type/age bulls; sanitation problems; vaccination and/or de-worming problems; feeding problems, etc.

"Beef" cattle are not fed like "dairy" cattle--he should know that. I'm not a dairy person; however I do know that dairy cattle are managed in "feedlot" type conditions and their main function is produce as many pounds of milk as possible, feeding special rations.

Dairy cattle must be really hardy and immune to lots of things since the places I've seen "look" very unsanitary, etc.

Off my soap :? :| :)

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