Calves and heat

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Feb 5, 2004
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Eastern PA
Yesterday I turned out some first calf heifers and their calves into big pasture. They had been in a small pasture close to the barn and had some shade. Upon checking on them I noticed one that was panting like a dog. The weather was sunny ( low 80's and humid). This particular calf was full of life before we turned them out. Now it is sluggish and seems to have been set back a bit. I brought her and her momma back into the barnyard last evening. Has anyone else ever had this occur with their calves. The calves are only a few days old and I like to keep them close to the barn so I can keep an eye on them.
sounds like pnemonia give it some resorb and get some meds from the vet as soon as possible so you have a chance at saving it.
Sounds like pneumonia. It's been very prevelant in our area this year.

You definately need to doctor the calf.. but there are a lot of different products. I personally like either Baytril or Naxel, but check with your vet.

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