Calfs with week legs

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Jul 13, 2009
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Not sure if we should be concerned or not yet. This is the first calf we have had with this leg problem. Calf was born about 3 hours age, Calf tries to stand and front legs shake and buckle just below the cannon bone, calf seems to not be able to control the tendons.
Just make sure he sucks the first milk. Needs it in the first few hours even if you have to put it in a bottle and feed him. Contracted tendons is common in big calves. If that is it, it will get better in a week or so. Just make sure it gets the milk.
Thanks for the fast reply, she seems to have at least nursed once and is very tired. We just came from working her tendons and they don't seem to be too extreme, they do straighten without too much tension but she just can't seem to keep them stretched. Will keep you posted.
thanks again