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BLACKPOWER":4o47rfzu said:
Jenni":4o47rfzu said:
How do I raisee a calf?

You don't, you let ranchers do it.

haha. yah right....its MOMMA's job to raise their calves, not the ranchers...inamage every rancher bottle feeding thousands of calves a day? Don't think so...Cattle aren't turtles ya know? geezzzz and everyone said you are the smart one!
Jenni":pn328ojp said:
How do I raisee a calf?

There are quite a few characters on this board and unfortunately, it can be difficult for beginners to know good advice from bad advice. Your best bet is to contact a local cattleman. Most are more than happy to help you out. If that doesn't work for you, try a local vet or cattle feed store. They should be able to offer you lots of advice.

In the event that you have one calf, it is not too difficult. Just remember that yearly shots are the best medicine for preventing uneeded sickness or disease and twice a year worming helps keep the cow healthy. There are a lot of factors that play into proper nutrition such as the available forage you have and the amount of hay that you will need to feed. You can also supplement through a variety of feeds available at your local feed store.

Beyond some generalizations like this, I can't offer much more unless I know the age and breed of the calf and where you live in this world.
In response to the Lazy Hill response:
There are no Stupid Questions. OnlyStupid Answers.
Guys like Brian and Running Arrow Bill and many others could help if they only had a little more information.
Some characaters on this board; mostly annomyous guest's, responses are not worth reading.
I’ve gotten to the point where I skip just about everything posted by any guest. If, in the first few words, the post looks like a legitimate inquiry, or it has AZ at the end, I’ll read it. Otherwise, life is too short to read posts by idiots. If they don’t take themselves seriously enough to register, why should anybody else.

the best is have a nurse cow and if you dont find a cow that has had a calf anf get that milk and feed the calf with that milk . when they get about 3 week old feed some grain and hay. but mons milk is very inportant the frist 72 hours of life.[/b]

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