Calf won't wean

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We have had a Jersey Family cow for 3 years. Her second calf, born last March, will not wean. The calf wants to nurse and the cow lets her. I have had them separated for 2 months. The calf is gaining fine, doing well and has been dehorned. I put them back together and after 2 days the calf started nursing again. The cow started kicking the previous calf off at 6 months (this calf still has horns). The cow had "milk fever" with the latest calf, could that have caused some additional attachment with the calf. Should I try one of the nose suckling guards on the calf ? Any other suggestions ? They are separated again so we can get some milk.

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Keep them seperate (out of sight, sound, and smell) for a couple of months. If the cow is still milking, the calf might still take advantage of this and start sucking again (probably not even noticing that its her mother, just in it for the free milk).

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