Calf With No Tail

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Yesterday a Holstien/ Angus cross cow bred to an Angus bull had a black heifer with absolutely no tail. No stub, no nothing. Typically this would humorously unique, but last year she had a big bull calf that had scar looking streak down his belly and could not urinate. It had to be destroyed. She has had well over 8 calves and these two were the only ones extraordinary in anyway. Does anyone have any info on whether or not there is an association or if it is a coincedence?

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We had a Angus / Holstein cow for years that had good calves..and then she had a bull calf that was somewhat "twisted", in that his back legs didn't seem to function correctly. Thinking it was a fluke, we kept the cow. Two calves later, she had another bull calf with a similar problem. (Out of different sires) We shipped her after she weaned the last calf. Coincidentally, we had kept one of her first heifer calves, and she gave birth to a calf without a lower jaw. She also went to the auction barn.

I'm guessing that two such problems are not a coincedent

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