Calf with "fever"

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Dec 9, 2004
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Southern Indiana
9 days ago I noticed a month-old calf seeking shade whenever possible and laying down a little more than the rest of the calves.

Got her penned and took her temp and it was 103.5. No other visible symptoms at all. No breathing issues. No nasal discharge. No lethargy other than seeking shade. Calf nurses regularly and efficiently, and her heifer mother seems to have plenty of milk. Calf will run like a deer if it gets disconnected from the herd.

I hit her with Baytril and checked her the following evening. Same thing. Continued for the next couple of days with temps ranging from 103.4 to 103.8 so we hit her with Draxxin. Have them in my watch pen (1/2 acre) where it's dry and there is plenty of shade available.

But what I've seen since then is that if I take her temp at 5am, it will be 100.8 to 101.5, while in the afternoon and evening it will be back up between 103 and 104. Even tried two different thermometers.

So is there anything wrong with this calf? I know normal temps rise during the day, but I'm not sure going over 103 is normal.
I call that a smart calf in my herd. The dumb ones sit in the sun and bake. Somehow it's backfiring for this calf because it keeps getting rounded up and poked with a needle!! :)

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