Calf with Ear Drainage

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Jan 21, 2008
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North Florida
I bought a bottle calf from the local dairy to replace a heifer's calf that was born dead, The cow hated the baby! ( not the best idea I have had lately) Now I am bottle feeding him.... Cute, Bright, large thin bull calf. approx 2 wks old now. I noticed white milky drainage in ears... more mucus like than puss like.... same type of white stuff seen in his nostrals after bottle feed ( No odor). Does not seem to be in pain, has never had a fever, Temp is 101.5 - 102.2 daily. The only other problem is his poop.... started as yellow smelly foam... now brown pudding like mush ( almost a sweet smell)
Not giving soy MR... Premium MR that I have alway used... non medicated. Need imput please..... I have raised orphaned calves but never got one from a dairy.
Usually a sign of an ear infection. Does he hold his head tipped to one side and/or does the affected ear(s) droop?
no ... he acts normal.... no head tilt or droopy ears. The drainage stopped but this am when I went out to feed him one ear was draining again....No temp, no odor, thin mucus like, clear to white color???????
i would pour a little peroxide in the one or both ears if they both drain & give a shot of pen or biomycin 200(same as la 200 but non irritating), or some sulfur pills if you have those

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