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Feb 28, 2007
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I just rescued 3 7-8 week old Belted Galloway Holstien cross bull caves. There mothers were killed in a tragic barn fire. Anyways, they all are doing well. The fire was about 2 weeks ago. I got them from the guys who has had them sence then. He was feeding them free choice hay and milk replacer from a bucket(1 qt to each calf once a day), and no not really sure where to go with them. How long should i keep them on milk replacer and how much should they be getting? I gave them each a handull of calf starter today and they ate it. How much and how often should they get that? They are eating some hay and drinking water from a bucket...
Get a 100% milk replacer at least 20% protein and 20% fat. Follow the directions on the bag. They should have free access to water and be getting at least a couple of pounds of calf starter grain a day. When they're eating 2-3 pounds of starter a day you can stop the milk. Have some good grass hay forthem and they'll be fine.
What a tragic accident..

I feed a minimum of 6 pints twice a day of all milk min. 20-20-20 replacer (at the dairy we used real milk) and do not ween before 3 months. They should be given free choice leafy hay and water as well as a good calf starter ration..I like them to eat 2 lbs minimum each a day of starter..If they are doing really well I will just give them free choice everything and increase their milk to 3 feedings of 5 pints each..

Good luck with your new calves..
Thanks Guys! I purchased 2 jersey bucket calfs last year (when they were weaned) and one was pot bellied and smaller, but was only given milk for about 4 weeks then it was put on grain, the other had milk longer and is much bigger and not pot bellied. I was told it was because the smaller one was given grain to early and not enough milk, and that was my concern. Thanks for the help!

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