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I have a brahama heifer that had a calf yesterday (12-14-03). When the calf droped he was quickly trying to nurse. The cow would not let him get any milk. This morning, a mini jack stomped on and bit the calf. He looked like he was just shook up a bit, he was walking fine after the attack. The cow in return hid the calf in the woods and still will not nurse the calf? She stays with the rest of the herd and will only come to her calf if she sees someone walk twards it. It is now dark, should i move the cow and calf to a pen tomarrow? Or should i just leave it be? Could any one give me some good advise? Please help. Thanks is advance.
Matthew- I think that I would bring her and the calf in tomorrow. If she's not nursing that calf, the calf has not received the colostrum necessary to build necessary antibodies. Without that colostrum, the calf's chances of getting sick increase dramatically. Even if you bring her in and find out she is nursing the calf, at least you are sure to be safe rather than sorry. If you observe that she's not nursing, I would buy some colostrum (they sell it at feedstores and some dairy farms) and possibly electrolytes. I had to do this about 3weeks ago with one of our calves. The cow went off and left him right after calving. I waited 24 hrs., but she paid no attention to him whatsoever. He did not receive that colustrum and was just about dead. I got him in and went and purchased some colostrum as a last ditch effort and within 48 hours, he was able to get up and nurse on a bottle on his own! I would give that calf some colostrum as soon as possible (definately within 24 hours)for the best success. Hope this helps, and best of luck during a tough time of year for all of us!

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Thanks for all the good ideas. I took the bull calf to the vet this morning, they said he has no sucking reflex. They claim he just does not know how to suck, they are force tube feeding him. When he starts feeling a little stronger they will try to force him to milk off his mom. Thanks again for all the great help.
Bring the cow and calf in to your nearest pens or what ever your set up might be and see if you can get the mama cow to let the calf suck. If she doesnt let the calf suck then id probably start to bottle feed the calf and get rid of tha cow to avoid future incident's.

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