Calf leg problem

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Dec 18, 2014
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Austin Texas
I have a newborn calf he's a week old and he doesn't put weight on his front right leg. (if you're looking at him) I noticed this the day he was born but figured he may have been stepped on during birth so I figured I'd let it go for a week. He will put weight on his leg if he's standing still but when he walks or runs he uses his other three legs and kind of holds that front leg limp. Nurses fine doesn't appear to be anything on or around his foot or any abnormalities, I didn't get the closest look today he took off running when I was walking towards him and his mother hid him. What should I do about this?
Leave him be. One week is not enough time to recover if he did get stepped on or has another injury. I raised one up to 700 lbs on three good legs and one swinging, She tasted just fine.
Yeah he's young they heal up fairly quick, all he has to do is nurse and lay around,, those bones are soft and growing.getting milk and calcium..harder on a cow

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