calf issue.. had to pull it.

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Feb 19, 2015
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ended up having to pull this 95 lb. calf out of a young heifer today. took over 2 hours and had to get the ATV to pull it out..

I can get him to stand but he just wants to lay back down. mom is ok and doing fine.

should I let him go until morning and see how he's doing or should I tube him some colostrum?
The calf's digestive tract absorbs antibodies (the protective part of the colostrum for about 24hrs). It is recommended that the calf has the 1st drink within 6hrs of birth. If the 1st drink is after 12hrs, chances of having problems increase.

Long story short, get the calf to drink asap. If you have colostrum from older cows even better. Reason for that is that older mothers have been exposed to more bugs and so the colostrum would contain better quality antibodies and more.

Highly recommended to dry off the navel as quickly as possible as well.

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