calf growth?

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I am thinking of buying bull calfs from a local dairy.My ? is growth rate.I will have to give the cows milk the first 2 months then feed.I will buy feed from the dairy farmer.How much can a steer weigh in 4 months and 6 months? thanks

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Of coarse rate of growth depends on the rate which you are feeding them. I raise Holstein breeding bull and I can usually get them to 900 to 1000 pounds at a year. I could probably push them harder but it is not econmical for me to do that. One daryman tells me that after after weaning his heifers gain 1.8 pounds per day. Another dairyman I know who raises all of his bull calves for steers says he gets 2.25 lbs. per day but he implants with hormones and pushs the feed to them.

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