Calf deaths

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Hi, Hope someone can help my Dad. He has had a couple calves go down and recover and a couple calves die in the last couple years. They appear to be fine and then they just go down. Seem to be paralazed in the hind end. They are all about 6 months old. Vet has been called on everyone and they are saying it is coccidiosis. Blood and fecal samples have been done on other calves. This recent calf vet was called as soon as she was found and that was Thanksgiving week-end. She is still not getting up. Eating and drinking great. Gaining weight.. Dad is raising and lowering her frequently and massaging her limbs. Any ideas what this could be.

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Depending on where you live, it could be white muscle disease. It's a deficiency of selenium. There are blood tests to confirm this. Coccidiosis shouldn't keep them down for weeks.
> I had a similar problem with a couple calves. I think Lyle might be right with the wite mussel. Allot of area in the North West is known to be deficient in Selenium. I give my new born Bo-se and my Mom's Mu-se. This is Selenium and vitamin E. You will have to get this from your Vet and he of she should know if your area is Selenium deficient. To much Selenium can be toxic. The Selenium seemed to have cured my problem. Sorry about your loss. Good luck!

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