Calf catcher

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Sep 12, 2022
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South Georgia
Has anyone used the calf catcher pole? I see two different kinds-

Or this

The Hook Doctor allows the producer to safely and humanely restrain and control an animal's head in the chute by hooking its cheek. Use the Hook Doctor for routine procedures like tagging, mouthing, administering boluses, etc. Small leg hook at opposite end for catching calves.

"The hook Dr. is a tool every cow and calf producer needs. That is why you've had this repeat order from me. Love it so much that I've made sure some of my closest friends have one. Thanks"

"This stick is awesome! We use if for pairing out and tagging. Very sturdy. We were lost without it. So much easier than reaching down and grabbing a hind leg. Just hook'em hang them on the fence and tag or doctor as needed. Great work saver."

"The Hook Doctor is an invaluable tool that helps him as he works with our 300 plus cow/calf operation."

"This is a must have on any cattle operation, wish I would have know about it years ago"
We have the long pole to catch calves. Don't use it as much as I thought we would. My problem is that it is very slippery in the hands and tough to grip hard enough. Mind you we calve when it's still crappy winter/spring weather and moisture on the metal doesn't help. Others, neighbours, use it lots.
The double one you posted looks interesting. Would like to see it in action.
@sunnyblueskies, in addition to the link @daneg posted, I've seen quite a few videos where you can also hook them to the utility holes in a UTV, truck, etc. My friend hooks it to her truck and opens a door to aid in keeping them contained - and staying somewhat protected from mama.

But you don't have the length of the pole. Gloves with grips helps.

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