calf can't walk correctly

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We have an angus calf that can't seem to get both back legs underneath her and walk. She can't get her left hind leg underneath to steady herself and when she tries, she just spins in circles until she falls down. At first I thought it may have been caused at birth, but it is four days later and it is slightly better, but not great by any means. If you apply slight pressure to the side of its left hind leg to help it to stand then it can walk and run, although awkwardly. It has nursed all four quarters and has good strength, but I don't know what to expect with it in the future. Does anyone out there have any thoughts?
Just give the calf more time. I had a calf like that and we just gave it more time and it got of that . If that doesnt' work call the vet.
somtimes when a calf is born it puts stress on the spinal cord and causes it to swell affecting balance and ability to stand on a leg right ,some can't even walk you can get a shot from your vet to take the swelling out, if this is what is causing it, the shot will work.

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