C & D in calves

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What is C & D in calves (looks exactly like blaot, affects the biggest, strongest calves)?
That sounds like Clostridium perfringens. This is a spore forming anaerobe bacteria which produces toxins--for example Clostridium tetani produces tetanus. The entire class can produce toxins, some of which will cause gut disturbances. Pulpy kidney in lambs is definitely found in the best doing animals, from eating more grain than others. I haven't particularly read the same in cattle, but it would make sense. Try google.com and see if you can find the information you seek. Good Luck! V
Vicki, I did a search as you suggested, and from what I read, I am thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to vaccinate the calves with an 8-way vaccine now, instead of waiting for spring when we usually do it. Even if it's not the answer it wouldn't hurt any, am I right?
Which 8 way are you thinking of? I use an 8-way clostridial vaccine called Covexin 8 (Tasvax 8) as per package instructions, which I think are at 12 and 16 weeks of age. GIVE SUBCUTANEOUSLY!! (can scar muscle when given IM) Other vaccines may have different ages for recommendation. I also vaccinate cows every 3 years to maintain their antibody levels in their colostrum. Sorry I'm a little groggy now--I've been up since 3:30am and it's close to midnight now. I may clean up my answer tomorrow!
I use the same product Covexin 8. In lambs the first shot is at 5 days, second at 6 weeks. In calves, the first is at 2-4 weeks, the second at 3 months. Cows/Ewes at least once a year. Doesn't take but one loss to Enterotoxemia or tetanus to convince one that vaccination is the right thing to do.

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