Byergo Cattle ?

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I laugh, old BH when he was on here used to advocate giving his everything they needed for massive growth to give them the very best start in life, now he seems to advocate being a bit more commercial with them. It is a bit more sensible really.

Yes sir! I have to say, I do like the direction he's heading with his animals as far as low inputs and slightly smaller frame. Not necessarily his methods for marketing/promotion though. He is himself though. I can appreciate that. Seems to be working for him.
Are you guys/gals talking about Everything Angus Cattle on FB? I just joined to see pic, and there is not one - well, not from a name I recognized!!! LOL
Yes, the one our old mate Ron (Bright Raven) looks after. A bit like the fox having the keys to the henhouse though he does do a good and fair job of it and initiates a lot of discussion.

Why would he talk Angus. He had Simmental.

He's also the Mod on Everything Simmental on Facebook.
He is a smart guy and has nice simmental, but I think he has an angus personality. :)
That simmental FB group is pretty calm. That angus FB group has his friend Mr Brook***l and some others with high epd's for talking and debating. They keep the pot full, heated up and ready to boil if needed.

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