BVD is transmissable to and from deer

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Jan 7, 2008
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This is bad news and pretty means that if your herd has not been exposed to BVD it eventually will be.

"There is evidence that BVDV replicates in a wide variety of domesticated and wild ruminants including cervidae (deer species) and caprinae (big horn sheep, etc.), says Dr. Julia Ridpath, National Animal Disease Center, Ames, Iowa. In most wildlife ruminant species it appears that acute and persistent infections occur and clinical presentation is similar to that seen in cattle. There may be differences in the replication and shed of the virus between cattle and cervids." ... ed_id=5167
There are a copule of variants that affect cattle. Blue tongue in deer causes a similar problem with cattle. One of them if the cow is exposed at a specific time in her pregnancy can cause the calf to be born hydrocephalic.
Not surprised, a lot of diseases seem to be pretty communicable between ruminants. I wonder why there isn't more occurences of diseases coming from wild animal by deer? You would think it if was rampant more herds would be affected. The only thing you really hear about is an occasional case of rabies.
It would certainly explain why BVD Type II spread all over the place so quickly.
redcowsrule33":31fqgfud said:
Another excellent reason to not use a closed herd as an excuse not to vaccinate.

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As well as roaming dogs, coyotes, fox etc. Possibly passing 'bad' organisms in their feces onto pastures.


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