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Jun 13, 2004
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Brookfield, MO
I was wondering if anybody knows where I could find 5 angus cow/calf pairs . Willing to pay a good price for a good cow. I'm located in north central MO, Brookfield ,MO to be exact.
Do you want registered stock or just commercial cattle?
If you live in Missouri there are twenty angus breeders within twenty miles of you.

Do you HAVE to buy cattle right now? The prices are so high that I know breeders taking reg. cattle to the sale barn because slaughter prices are so high. I just sold a 16 month old bull, a skanky looking thing that had been running in the woods, thin, rangy, a horned yellow whiteface with a little Bos Indicus/Simmental/Hereford/ Red Angus influence. That young bull had lost his bloom fussing through the fence at the new bull and had dropped a great deal of flesh. He had not been sold at the right time or castrated or fed or wormed or anything. He was sort of an escapee. It took cowboys and horses to catch him. He was about 700 lbs. and he brought 90 cents/lb. I was floored. He looked like a young balogney bull. I just wish I had something to cull right now!