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Has anyone been contacted by email from livestock buyers in Africa with a client supposedly in the U.S. that will send you a cashiers check for twice the amount you are asking for your critters? Then you send them back 1/2 of the amount to cover the shipping charges and they are suppose to make arrangements to pick up the animals. Does any body know about this DEAL? Let me know if you have, thanks.

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This scam has been used in the horse business for several months. Unfortunately, the cashier’s check that is sent is counterfeit. This fact is not uncovered until you have sent them your check to cover "shipping charges".

Any email from somebody you don't know that offers something too good to be true is nearly always a scam. And if it comes from Africa, it's always a scam. Just delete it!
Including the sub-country of Nigeria! Anyone should be EXTREMELY skeptical (aka "delete message") of anything that comes from those places...the net is rampant with "pidgeon drop" money scams...seem to have increased significantly since "911" disaster. Ya'll be careful out there, ya hear!

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