Butcher shop in Yankee Stadium

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Jul 27, 2006
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N.Y. gourmet butcher sets up shop at Yankee Stadium

By Michelle Saltzer on 4/16/2009

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As part of their "Fresh-To-Order" Food Program, the New York Yankees' have teamed up with Lobel's of New York, a company specializing in gourmet meats, to sell their products at Yankee Stadium.

According to a news release, other than Lobel's Prime Meats on Madison Avenue in New York, and the company's Web site, Yankee Stadium is the only retail location of Lobel's meats. "We're looking forward to working with the New York Yankees to offer America's finest meats at America's finest stadium," said Mark Lobel, co-owner and fifth generation butcher.

In order to showcase the art of butchering, fans will be able to watch Lobel's butchers trim and prepare meats into their respective cuts on the field level concourse near Section 133 of the stadium. The meats will be served to fans in the Luxury Suites, and those fans will also have the privilege of purchasing fresh cuts to take home with them after the game. The meats will also be served in select restaurants within the stadium, and the Home Plate Store will have pre-selected packages of frozen meats in stock.

"The Yankees are America's top sports franchise and meats from Lobel's are the best of the best. This is a very complementary relationship," said Lobel.

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