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Jul 23, 2004
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West Texas Area
Does anyone have a link to a Successful sample business plan for a cow/calf operation on leased land. Looking into a larger piece of property in far west texas, gonna need some financial help with this one. Any input or comments will be appreciated.
You might want to contact your local extension office. Or your lender may have a spreadsheet that you could play with.
D.R. Cattle":2l91a1kb said:
I've got a pretty good spreadsheet. Can we attach items to a PM?

If so I couldn't figure it out when sending something to someone. Ended up getting their e-mail ....................... So if there is a way we all need to be clued in.
D.R. I would love a copy of the spreadsheet also if you don't mind. [email protected] Maybe this is wrong, but you might try saving your spreadsheet to "your documents" or "desk top" or a "flopy disk" (drive A). On the bottom of the email you write click "attach file" (you have to have some text in the email, even if just the letter "A") and when the box pops up you can use the arrow to pull down the menu for options to retrieve the spreadsheet from. When I click "attach file" mine gives me "my documents" as the default option. After you click attach file and find the spreadsheet highlight it by clicking on it and click "ok" after it is highlighted. Hope this helps and get everyone a copy of the spreadsheet... hope you won't have a couple hundred to try to email out.

Thanks good thoughts it will be helpful!! I wish I had that kind of profit!
Alan":2uz9zol6 said:
Thanks good thoughts it will be helpful!! I wish I had that kind of profit!

Profit/Loss is just a calculation of all the other variables. Spreadsheet was designed originally for a cow/calf operation on leased land by the acre, but the mortgage entry allows for purchased land also.
D.R. Cattle":q2gg02er said:
On the way you guys. Enjoy. It's been very useful for me.
Juding from the responses here you should charge for it! And then you will make a profit from cattle. LOL (just teasing)

Thanks so much for sharing!

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