Burning off pasture

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Dec 30, 2008
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outside Kansas City MO
Anybody else burn off their pasture? We try to do this just before the grass starts growing again in Spring, if conditions are right. But we don't get it done every year because conditions aren't right. The years it gets burned, there seems to be less weeds, better growth of grass and some control of volunteer trees. I would appreciate hearing other's experience with this.
We try to burn of the pastures and the hay fields every year. Really gives them a fresh, clean start.

Also gets rid of any grass that you missed in the hayfield in order that you don't bale up the bad with the good.
There is some (Flint Hills) data out there on how burning increases the production of prairie grasses. :D

The is also some concern (usually from the organic folks) on how burning destroys your humus. :(

I bought some pasture that had been burned a lot and some of the wood fence post were in poor shape because of it...

Unless there was a lot of brush to kill - - I would be inclined to pound it with cattle rather than burn it.
I like to burn them when I have time. Burning will blacken the ground and cause the soil to heat up quicker thus encouraging new growth. Burning can burn your humus layer if you are stupid enough to light a match when the drought index is too high. I think burning is good as it mimics nature in my area but then again it produces CO2 and methane so it must be bad. ;-)
in our area, we regularly burn in spring both pastures and hay meadows. To kill clean the fields from what got left last year, and pest management. Lagus bugs are toast with a good burn. This year we will probably see higher than normal burns due to the alfalfa weavel. Dang things did so much damage and the cheapest cure is a good burn.
We burn some part of our pastures every year--- only 2 things I know that isnt good about burning----

1. When you have had a relativly dry winter and you burn off, sometimes you end up drying out your land even more due to that blackened surface-- that sun just finishes drying every drop of moisture out of your ground.

2. Some weed seeds come alive after a good back burn and they grow fast.

Burning in the spring promotes grass growth. Early for cool season, a little later for warm season.

Burning in the fall helps to contol woody vegatation. However to control Blackberries do not burn or mow for 2 years. On the 2nd year spray with Remedy and Grazeon. If anyone would like the mixture % it is on the labels. Works great.
burning for me only gave the fennels a head start to take over..been yrs ago and they still arent gone....weeds weeds weeds
MO_cows":xsiqyh5c said:
Anybody else burn off their pasture? I would appreciate hearing other's experience with this.

No. Around here if you burn off pasture, you will end up with a bumper crop of cheatgrass that will take years to get rid of.

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