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From CO State U:

Bunk space requirements depend upon the size of the cattle. For feeder weight animals, 500 to 1,000 pounds, provide a minimum of 8 inches of bunk space per head. Ten to 12 inches is better. Limiting bunk space causes cattle to eat less often but more at each feeding. This reduces performance, compared to eating the same amount over a longer period of time.

The digestive system does not function as efficiently when feed is ingested in large batches vs. smaller, more evenly spaced batches. In addition, more acidosis and founder will result from less frequent feedings. These recommendations assume ad libitum (all cattle can eat) feeding. If limit feeding is practiced, as in a stockyard situation, bunk space must be increased to 14 to 18 inches. Otherwise, the bigger more aggressive animals will eat a disproportionate share.

dunmovin farms

> When building a feed bunk is there
> a recommended height. And also how
> much bunk space is needed per
> animal. Bunk is for a feedlot.
> Thank You.

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