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Dec 28, 2003
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In the matter of:
Trichomonas foetus Testing of ) Order No. 2007-03
Imported Bulls )

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, effective July 23, 2007 the North Dakota State Board of Animal Health has determined that there is a threat from Trichomonas foetus infection from some imported bulls.
This Order is issued this 13th day of July, 2007, for the purpose of taking effect on July 23, 2007:

Health Requirements
(a) All bulls over 24 months of age and all non-virgin bulls over 12 months of age must have three consecutive, weekly, negative Trichomoniasis foetus culture tests or one negative PCR test prior to importation. Regulatory testing shall be done in a laboratory approved by the State Veterinarian. No breeding is to occur between the tests and the time the bull(s) is sold, loaned or leased.
(b) A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for bulls covered under this rule shall bear one of the following statements:
“Trichomonas foetus has not been diagnosed in the herd of origin”
“The bull(s) represented on this Certificate of Veterinary Inspection have three consecutive negative Trichomonas foetus culture tests which were at least a week apart or one negative PCR test within 30 days prior to entry and there has been no female contact since the first qualifying test.”
(c) Importation permit obtained prior to entry into North Dakota

2. Exceptions
(a) Virgin bulls aged 24 months of age or less (a signed affidavit from the owner or manager stating that bulls have had no potential breeding contact with females must accompany Certificate of Veterinary Inspection);
(b) Bulls imported into North Dakota for slaughter only or those consigned directly to a licensed slaughter establishment or to a licensed livestock market and then directly to a licensed slaughter establishment;
(c) Bulls imported into North Dakota and held in confinement (including exhibition and/or rodeo purposes) as determined by the state veterinarian;
(d) Bulls imported as part of a state veterinarian approved seasonal grazing operation without change of ownership, following a risk assessment.
Trichomonas (Tritrichomonas) foetus causes a venereal disease of cattle characterized by fetal abortions, pyometra and open cows. Trichomoniasis is a reportable disease in North Dakota. These requirements are being implemented to protect the health of North Dakota livestock as the result of Trichomoniasis infections in surrounding states.
This Order is issued pursuant to NDCC §36-01-08 and §36-01-12. The State Veterinarian is directed to carry out this Order pursuant to NDCC §36-01-06. This Order remains in effect until further notice.
Dated this 13th Day of July, 2007.
By ___________//signed//___________________
Nathan Boehm, President
North Dakota State Board of Animal Health


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