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Dec 17, 2019
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N. Central boonies, Oklahoma
The heifer bull thread has me thinking tonight.
My Mutt Brangus has already bred a few so I'm kind of there already for this year. But...
I'm considering selling him this fall, and keeping the bull away from here so as to tighten things up.
The 2nd herd SHOULD calve from September to December. I MAY have 1 go onto January. We will see.
In theory I should be able to leave my hereford with the herd that hes with until this time next year. I figure i can pull him end of May and have him here after that. Just running one bull. This would be ideal unless something happens to him, then I gotta scramble and find a bull! Hate that thought. As it's happened b4.
I really like the calves I'm getting out of my Hereford bull. Even with my Mutt cows he makes a fairly uniform calf crop. Of coarse I get a couple reds but that's just part of it. And angus might or might not do better, idk.
Should I just leave him where hes at year round?
I like the idea of keeping him at work year round and having a fall calf crop and a spring calf crop. One less bull to feed too and I could run one more cow maybe.
At this point I dont really expect to have any heifers to breed. Hes not really a heifer bull. Moderate calves. Not monster big calves. Extra medium I guess. So if I get any replacements they need to be NOT a heifer and I dont know if that's good or bad really. Coin toss on that one.
O. About a dozen cows each place give or take a couple 2 or 3. So he should have no problem making a good calving window at both places provided cows do the job.
Anyway, just some rambling and thoughts. Most folks kinda know what's going on in my lil world so fire away with thoughts, ideas, just generally anything really...


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Apr 26, 2010
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You will be ok with one bull with only a dozen cows at each place but I would recommend a BSE before breeding each bunch. Costs money to have the gun and no ammo.

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