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I have a few questions and can't find any answers on the net. My next step is the vet but wanted to see if anyone can help. I have week old Bull calf. He has been rejected from the cow and we are trying to bottle feed it. The bull has never learned to suck from a bottle so we are tubing it. It is so weak that it will not stand at all now! IT had scours but now is normal. The left eye is completely covered with a white film that it can't see out of. The right eye was fine but now it is getting like the left one. Is there anything we can do?

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Poor nutrition and or a mineral imbalance can cause blindness in the calf. this can sometimes be corrected with quick treatment, may already be too late for this calf.

offten the recommended feeding for calves is not enough, though it will keep them alive. Repeated tubing is not the desired choice for raising a calf, but it can be done.

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