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Please forgive my stupidity but I have another question concerning the
ability of a bull for breeding. My understanding in my area is to carry one bull for every 20-25 cows. My question is this, if I have 2 breeding
seasons instead of one will this double the number of cows the bull can
cover or is the 20-25 cows the total for a yr whether I have a controlled
breeding season or not. thanks
A 2 to 3 yr old bull should be able to take care of 20 to 25 per cows per breeding season. I assume you are talking about a Fall Breeding Season and a Spring Breeding Season.
It wouldn't hurt to give him some extra groceries between seasons and a Vitamin supplement year round.
I assume that they have a mineral supplement available at all times.
Yes, I keep a supplement out for my boys. We are expanding and I didn't want to buy 2 more bulls if I didn't need to. I was planning on 2 breeding seasons.