Bull with ear problem

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Dec 4, 2006
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Central MS
One of our herd bulls has developed a rather large "cyst" in his ear. It is around the area of his ear tag. It is large enough that it has the ear hanging. We cut the tag out and lanced it and gave him a round of LA200. All that drained was bright blood. We have done this a second time, since the lump didn't go down at all after the first lance and repeated the antibiotics. After cutting the tag, we didn't notice any signs of the tag being embedded in the ear. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of situation and what the results were. The vet is seeing him tomorrow.
I've seen it more with metal tags in calves ears, usually clears up when the tag is removed . For an infection I would rather use penicillin, at least 5ml per 100 ibs. Some Iodine might be helpful too . The vet will fix it .

Larry is right ~ the vet will fix it. If you lance a mass and no infection comes from it, then you are cutting into tissue, and there is no need to repeat the procedure. Good for you for getting the vet out and let us know what he says!
just an update on the ear. the vet cut into pretty good and pulled out a bunch of stuff. stunk to high heaven! that's been two weeks ago, and the cyst or whatever it is, is still there, but the ear is half gone, it has just shriveled up. the vet has no idea of what it is or what may have caused it, she did say it wasn't cancerous. any other suggestions?

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