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I just got into raising cattle last year on my 50 acre farm. Small operation: just 12 cattle in total (1 bull, 3 steers, 3 cows, 3 heifers and 2 2004 calves).

Here's my question (and it'll probably sound dumb, but please bear with me): I'm not farming full time (just evenings and weekends) so I'm not with the cattle all day. However, I just bought the bull and introduced him to the cows about June 1st and I have yet to see any breeding activity. Now, I do only have 3 cows for him to breed (the heifers are separated), so I guess its entirely possibly with only 3 cows to breed he's handled it already at night or during the day when I'm gone. He does stay with the herd and lately he's been paying more attention to the heifers in the next field (staying near the fence, vocalizing to them, etc), but I've yet to see him mount a cow.

He came from a highly reputable breeder and is a very healthy 24 month old registered polled hereford bull.

Should I have seen any activity or am I just paranoid.

Thanks a ton,
My guess would be that you are paranoid. Usually when my bull starts talking to the cattle in the ajoining field, he has his job done where he is at.

You can get Kamars, estrus alert, or becon to stick on the cows tailhead for next year. Thoes change color when the bull rides the cow. Or go the cheap route and buy tail markers. I have never had much lick with them. I only use them to mark cull cattle.

More than likely the bull did his job in the evenings when it was cooler. Wait a few months and have them prg checked. The vet should be able to give you a close guestimation on a date they will calve.

Good Luck and enjoy the Herefords!! :lol: ;-) :cboy:
He was working while you were or while you were asleep. The only problem I see you might have is keeping him satisfied and at home with only three lady friends especially if is an older bull. Had this problem back in the 99/00 drought I sold way down. My neighbor ended up with some white face calves and wasn't real excited. We had a good fence and it was hot on both sides, ended up having to sell him. After he learned he could go through a fence he never batted an eye when the urge hit him.
thanks. makes perfect sense.

once I've confirmed he's done his job, he may grow wheels (as Dun is fond of saying) so I don't have to deal with him the rest of the year. I can just buy another one same time next year...

Yeah chances are he has bred them, you have to worry when there are no calves on the ground. He maybe a romancer, you probably think I'm crazy for saying that but it's true. I have 2 bucks both reg. South African Boers. One buck breeds them where ever just as soon as they come into heat. But the other buck, I hardley ever see him breed the does but never fails to throw nice quality kids. He treats his does with respect, and takes care of them and protects them, not to mention he is a great father. Maybe cattle are the same way. I haven't seen it happen yet, but considering we just got our new hereford bull, it could happen.
Ellie May
I'll bet he's already done his job. I have five breeding age bulls and they are all different in their habits. Some of them just seem to jump the cow wherever and whenever and the others seem to be more discreet in their breeding habits. I've got several cows that I've never seen the bull with but they're either bred or already have a calf on the ground. Many come into heat, get bred and that's it. Other cows that I have seem to come in and stay for two or three days and the bull's going insane to get them bred. If your bull is paying attention to the heifers across the fence he's probably already bred the cows and is ready to move on to the younger girls.

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