Bull got stepped on

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Feb 16, 2004
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De Soto MO
Last Friday, my herd bull got stepped on, and now his prepuce is swollen up pretty bad. A lot of the swelling has gone down by a cold water treatment and by putting aloe on it. We have started putting sugar on it to draw moisture out and soften it up some to make it easier to work with. The question I have is, is there anything else anybody has done to solve this problem? The bull is pretty darn good, and his calves are much better than he is. This is probably going to mess up my entire breeding season, but I would rather that happen than lose a bull of this quality. (But I know that if have to, he is down the road). Thanks in advance for all input!
cherokeeruby":3lyvby5p said:
He can be circumcised

This is a problem with Gerts, my Uncle raised Gerts for years had lot of penal problems through the years. Hope you can save him but in my experience helping my Uncle growing up your fighting a losing battle.
If he stepped on the sheath once he going to do it again. Good Luck.
Most of the swelling is down now. All I am working on now is getting it to contract back in. But thanks for the replies.

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