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Mar 4, 2008
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NE Kansas
Well, I have been looking for a mobile feed storage wagon for some time. One that I can pull to the feed company to get DDG's, feed, etc. There is a co-op about 45 miles away that has exactly what I am looking for. It is mounted on tandom axles, and is a gravity flow with a small spout at the bottom to pour feed into a bucket. It has a sealed lid to keep moisture out. It will hold 3 ton of feed, and costs $2150. I thought that was a pretty decent price for something new.

I plan on feeding 2 pounds/hd/day of DDG's to my cows for their supplement through the winter, and then I can use it to feed calves in the fall/early winter.
that will work just fine for your feed needs.an if you have a barn or a shed.you can back it in out of the weather.
Angus Cowman":878tt2qy said:
not a bad price at all I have seen some used ones around here for 750-1250 but they are used and ya never know how used :lol:
To say the least ya would have to replace bearings and tires so there is close to the difference in price of new

I looked at some older gravity flow wagons for around $750. Problem was, they needed new tires, and probably the bearings, and would have to have a tarp over the top. Just seemed like it would draw moisture to easily. Plan on picking it up Friday.
Bandit...don't see what it wouldn't work for you. As for "is it worth it", you just never know. If it looks sound and you want it, buy it and don't look back.

Can you pass along the mfr of that feed wagon as I'm in the market for something just like that and I'm near you here in NW Missouri. Are they green as I think my coop has those too but I haven't priced them. I was thinking they were around $3K, but I could go for 2150.



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