Building/maintaining websites - how hard?

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My website was build by an 8th grader that was finished with his working and begging for something else to do. It took him about 1hr in total time to get it done. He took the pictures from my old sited, so he didn't have to waste time downloading those. I did have a friend add meta tags and put his copyright on it.

In this kids research he found that you need an about page with as many key words in the text as you can get. Search engines check for key words in text according to him. He interview me and added an about us page.

Site was made with adobe....a free demo. It's not great, but much better than what I did several years ago.

Let me know what you think? Can make any drastic changes until the end of the school year (don't want to hurt the kids feelings).

FYI: We use yahoo small business to host our domain. It cost $119 per year. They have site building tools if you need them.

Thank you for the information on the counter. Can't wait to add it.

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