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Ok..need some help. I need to build a catch pen/Corral for about 7 cows. Money is a problem and was thinking I might be able to do things like they did in the old days (before Lowes and Home Depot). Anybody got any tips for building one with the trees I've already got on my place? I've got plenty of hickory, Post Oak, etc. Thanks!

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You are asking about a round pen, perhaps? Don't put too much footage between your posts.... posts should be sunk into the ground a MINIMUM of three feet, the bigger the circumference the deeper the sinking. I found pen stakes at my feed store and a pound ranged from eighty seven cents to a dollar. Not stakes.... the nails. The biggest ones are about ten inches long and spiraled. You would use these especially on the pecker poles.... which are usually around three inches across. Don't make the fence too solid (you must have a way to climb out of it in a pinch.) or would that be a shove??? lol What you have to keep in mind is what you are going to be doing in that pen. Are the cattle just going to lounge around, or are you expecting to do some cowboying around? If you are doing some cowboying you have to make sure the calves can't go through your poles and the cattle can't crash it down. Does that help any? Depending on your weather situation will determine how efficient and durable your wooden corral will be. In humid or wet climates, these fences will be fun to make, but they won't last very long.

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> Thanks Omak..really appreciate it. What I need to do is vaccinate some cows I bought in the spring and then prepare to vaccinate some calves. Other than that just to separate the calves out when I get ready to sell em'.

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