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which breed is best for resistince for bugs (ticks, lice, ect) angus or hereford? and are they better than limos
If you are looking for a British Breed with resistance and has a lot of simularities to Angus. You might look at British Whites, a little hard to find breeders. Still pretty hard to beat Herefords or Angus. I have picked up a few Whites. The real proof will be here late this year when the HerefordxWhite calves get here. So far I like what I've seen.

Well of course the Angus jocky is going to tell you his ducks are better than everyone elses.

I am a Limo breeder, I would tell you to use a Limousin Bull on what you have if you want to see muscle growth efficiency, and have clving ease.

In all situations there is something that works great for everyone,

What I would ask is what part of the country are you is, what is your climate like

You can use feed through products such as IGR in a loose mineral, product like these make resultant progeny of the parasites non-viable, thus reducing the population over time.

There are draw backs if your neighbor doesn't use them too, it is like treating the grasshoppers on your place and then the neighbors come over and eat your grass after the rain comes and the next generation hatches

I like Cylence, it is a pour on Fly control which lasts for several weeks, then you due it again, what you would lose from not treating in loss of gains will easily be covered be the $.70 per head cost of treating, this is what we use and it works VERY Well, no injections, just a pour on or squirt on with the gun and your done, and so are those bugs
For British breeds: Herefords
International breeds: Brahmans or Brahman crosses
Overall: Its a tie between Brahmans and Beefalo. Due to their thick hides, Bison has excellent resistence to insects!
Here again you got it wrong as I have Hereford, Angus, and British Whites in my pasture. The Whites are defintely more bug resistant.
We've got Simmental and Brahman cattle, and there's no doubt about it.. the Brahman are WAY more insect repellent than the Simmentals.
they sell pretty damn good here too. I just sold about 5 or 6 950lb calves(black & red mtl face stiers) that brought $1.01 cents per pound at the local salebarn. :D :D
angusgalore":2a82vphb said:
they sell pretty be nice good here too. I just sold about 5 or 6 950lb calves(black & red mtl face stiers) that brought $1.01 cents per pound at the local salebarn. :D :D
Looks like the BSE situaation didn't make the buyers pull their horns in.
We can live those prices, for now anyways.

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