Buffalo grass

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Oct 1, 2004
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Hi. I live in western kansas.... I got 25 head of Black cattle on 1/2 section of buffalo grass.They still have grass left. I have been feeding cane feed to them plus 2-3 lbs of alfalfa pellets 14%.I can't get them to go out in the pasture and eat much .They would rather stand by the fence and bawl( I think i've got them spoiled).I'm getting low on feed and wanting to feed them only when the snow is on the ground.Can I get by this way? Will grass and pellets be enough food for them? They all look good and healthy,and just starting to calve.I've got a neighbor that hasn't fed his poor cows nothing but pellets all winter and his pasture looks like a dirt road.I don't want mine looking that way.You guy think I can keep them alive this way or do i need to give a little cane everyday too? I do have 50 6x6 wheat straw bales to help.I think they will eat some of it also.Sure glad we haven't had that much bad weather. thanks..... jb
By this time of year stockpiled forage has lost a lot of its original nutrition. I would cut the hay back a little at a time and put out protein supplement.
I just got an old hay meadow fenced and turned the cows in. They still come running for hay when they here my truck. I give them a token of appreciation at first. Now I give them nothing. They stand a look at me until I drive away. I look back from the hiway and they are returning to the stockpiled forage.
What are you calling Buffalo Grass?

Just wondering, True Buffalo grass stock plied is very good Winter grazing. I believe retains it's nutrients best of all grasses.