Bucking Stock

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Dec 27, 2003
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N.w. Arkansas
Does anyone on this board raise bucking stock or know anything about it? I have a man trying to trade me a bull of such.
I don't know much about raising bucking bulls but it has always seemed liked it would be very enjoyable hobby....if you had the time and $$$
I thoght it might be fun as well and seemed like there may be a little money to be made there also.
neighbor hauls cattle, buys and sells; has played with bucking stock. says good ones have an attatude, rank ones are killers, and they're all hard to handle. his entire barn is set up with walkways overhead or has ropes on the gates. lots of hauling, late nights at arenas, animals that don't measure up. Just like all other phases of the cattle industry-Rough! lol good luck
Just curious: What the heck is a Plummer????? Kish Breeding? I am guessing these Kish comes from a private rancher. Some of the bucking bulls are from the Plummer breed. Not interested in getting any but curious what they are! Thanks.
I believer a "Plummer" is 50/50 Brahman/Longhorn --- rodeo stock primarily. Arnold Ziffle

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