bse and cwd

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Cronic Wasteing Disease, or CWD in a disease in elk and deer that is about the same thing as BSE in cattle. CWD has been confirmed in the deer herds in Wisconsin for several years, and is also confirmed in deer in Wyoming and Colorado. It has been confirmed in Colorado in elk for a couple of years now, several of the elk ranches in Colorado have been hit hard by it. If you order a hunting brochure from Colorado they explain about CWD, they also explain that it is confined to the brain, spinal cord, and lymph nodes, and if you process your game properly, there is no danger in eating the meat. I am quiet sure that the news media has heard of this in the past, but have chosen not to make a big media issue out of it. It has not kept poeple from hunting deer in Wisconsin, Colorado, Wyoming or any place else. I have heard no reports of people dieing or getting sick from eating harvested game from these states where CWD has been confirmed. The locker plants who process game know to not use the brain and spinal column in your processed meet, so maybe the USDA could use some tips from the fish and game departments of these states. In Colorado the state will charge you $15.00 if you want to have your game animal checked for CWD, and you find out the results in a few days.

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