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In this week's Capital Press, "Idaho confirms brucellosis". One herd in Fremont county has had to be destroyed when brucellosis was discovered in it. Turns out, an elk herd known to carry brucellosis grazed in the area that the cattle had been turned into and viola! one rancher minus his herd since "The herd will be destroyed to prevent spread of the disease, which can cause abortion and infertility." "Idaho has been free of brucellosis in its cattle herds for more than a dozen years." "The quarantined herd is located in the Greater Yellowstone Area, which includes parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. It's been known for years that brucellosis-infected elk and bison roam the area." Dave Nelson, president of the Idaho Cattle Assoaciation said: "We have know for years that brucellosis was in elk in the area, and it was only a matter of time before one of these three states was going to have this problem." The threat of brucellosis-infected cattle could be greatly reduced if people would just stop feeding elk during the winter. "Texas and Missouri were the only states classified as having brucellosis-infected cattle herds as of March 31." Idaho may join that list. Just thought you might want to know.

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