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Oct 8, 2004
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Hi again. I was reading that you aren't supposed to feed pregnant cows bromegrass because it is high in nitrates. Any thoughts on this? Of course I am having 2 bred, and of course I just bought a bunch of bromegrass. What do you all feed your pregnant cows?
not that bigga deal, it only has high nitrates when you fertilize it. high nitrates are dangerous to any cattle not just pregnant mommas. Only when you fertilize and have little rain is nitrate usually a problem. not something we really worry about to much.
Sherril--I've never had problems with nitrates in bromegrass and I feed a lot of it- don't fertilize that heavy tho-- I've had more problems with the nitrates showing up in grain hay like oats hay.... If you are worried, take a paper sack full sample into your county extension agent- they have a test that can tell if it is high- or they can send it in to be tested....
Thanks for the replies. I was starting to get worried!
You guys are the greatest for us beginners.

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