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Jul 1, 2007
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North Carolina
We have a 14 month (979 lb) Angus heifer that we want to AI next month. We vaccinated her today. A lot of what I read says to vaccinate 30 days before breeding heifers. As we use synchronization and CIDRs, would I wait 30 days from the 3 week follow up shot to start the synchronization, or can I start it durning this period and actually AI her at 30 days?
Yes, she did have her calfhood/weaning vaccinations. I used bovashield 5+L5 and Cavalry 9 and the directions on both call for a second shot :???:

I have asked that same question before. If you are using Pfizer products they have a customer hot line (800#) that one can call to ask specific questions of a Pfizer vet. I suspect other manufacturers have the same. PM me if you need the Pfizer #.

Good luck.
We use Titanium 5L5 pre-breeding (30 days) check ... -5-l5.aspx
We always palpate heifers 30 days prior to breeding to check for cystiic ovaries then use cystorellin the day we put CIDr's in to eliminate any possible ovarian cysts (usually not a problem with young heifers)

Basic breeding program using CIDR's and LUTALYSE:
1.CIDR Insert on Day 0 + Cystorellin.
2.Inject LUTALYSE one day prior to or the day of the removal of the CIDR (hasn't had any difference in heat detection at this stage)
3.Remove EAZI-BREED CIDR Insert on Day Seven
4. Detect for heat during next four days
5. Breed/Inseminate on detected heat

hope this is helpful-- one more thing too--- what Bull are you considering using on your heifer? I hope you are aware of the sires involved in the Angus Genetic defect found recently called Curvy Calf Syndrome-- this info can be found on the AAA website. Most of the infected sires go back to the Future Direction Line.

we raise PB Angus.Simmental and Simangus and depending on her bloodlines of course I would recommend:

HA Image Maker 0415 (Steer calf weaning weights averaged 735 in 2008) he has great CED and BW with very dependable accuracies. his Marbling score is .03, which doesnt concern me since Angus are not deficient in Marbling. His FS is great and his calves finished in 2008 averaged Quality Grades of Choice YG 3; sexed semen is available @ ABS

Bon View New Design 1407 (Steer calf weaning weights averaged 756 in 2008 @ 210 days) (heifer calves averaged 680 at weaning) I cant say enough good thigs about this sire-- his bull calves here sell like hotcakes with weaning weights in the 7's and YW's in the 12's on GRASS! His CED is excellent and BW is excellent having had calves born out of heifers in 2008 weighing in at 60 lbs and weaning at 650. His marbling score is over the edge his FS is very moderate and his calves have graded High Choice YG 3 consistently.
There are so many good Angus sires to choose from.

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