Breeding simmi heifer

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I would like to breed are heifer so that we have a calf in march 2003. I also want to be able to show her until mid march 2003. Will the judges take away from her if she is about to have a calf or will they over look that??

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Ok, first I have to ask why you'd want to show a heifer right up to calving....the stress could cause her to calve early and she may get sick on the show road.....Frankly, I don't show them within 6 weeks of calving. I live in Canada, and our last shows are Nov., the first the next year are April at the earliest so it works out..... If I was judging a heifer, I'd ask a due date and go accordingly, but some simmies fall apart just prior to calving, especially if cooking up a big calf. Also, you do NOT want to feed them hard prior to calving, and she may not have show condition without hard feed. JMHO V

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