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Aug 20, 2004
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Hi! I'm usually visiting the horse talk forum but came here to ask a question. I stopped by the "Worst Mistake" posts and laughed my head off!
Anyway, the thing is, is that I have one don't laugh! Missy B is a Reg. Jersey, 13 years old that I have owned for the last 7 years/5 calves. I used to be able to read her heats via discharge quite well, but there has been no discharge to read the last two years. Since she is alone, I don't have a dirty rump or standing heat to help me out. That leaves me with swelling and mooing and have lost confidence in my success. By my observations, she was swollen and mooing Sunday morning on Aug 1st and quit that afternoon. ( It probably would have been a good time to breed her then, right? But its this one that I'm aiming for due to my situation, even though its late.) I need to know when I should plant a CIDR in hopes of coinciding with her next heat. I'm worried and think I should implement a plan of action very, very soon. Any advise would be most appreciated!
With a CIDR you don't really need to worry when her last heat was, except if she is in heat the day you put the CIDR in. BUT at 13, she might not respond to well. I think at this point you need to retire her.

Although she is still ovulating, reading her heats becomes more difficult with age.
Anonymous":2fjxfipl said:
I think at this point you need to retire her.

Jerseys are known for their longevity.
A cow like this could easily have another 5 or even 10 years of production left in her.
Silent heats and accurate heat detection are problems with ANY single cow.

Using the Co-Synch+CIDR protocol should settle this girl without having to worry at all about heat detection.

Ann B
Thanks Ann! I am encouraged! I will go ahead and give it a try. She has had a good summer and is in great shape, so I am hopeful that this will be successful. If not, then I fear that the husband will pronounce her hamburger and she's become part of the family. She handles like a horse and that's been a big plus when you don't have chutes and gates to get from Point A to Point B. She sure makes life easier in that respect! Thanks again!

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